Whitestone was a dwarven citadel in the Tears of Selûne. It was home to the Whitebeards, a clan of mountain dwarves who mined the mountains in the Neverwinter Wood during winter.[1]


The citadel was a mountain-sized city, carved out of an enormous white stone. It was shaped to resemble a helmed long-bearded dwarf warrior.[1]

The citadel's main entrance was through the figure's "mouth". The entrance led to a lake on which a number of spelljammers were kept docked for different purposes.[1]

Whitestone's slow orbit around Toril and its own motion within the Tears brought it closest to the planet during winter in north Faerûn. The dwarves took advantage of this proximity to send mining ships to Mount Hotenow and the surrounding areas in the Neverwinter Wood.[1]


The Whitebeards were led by King Gundulph Whitebeard VII.[1]


Whitestone was guarded by a fleet of huge stone ships.[1]


Sometime in the mid-14th century DR, the crew of one of the mining ships was captured and held hostage by a crew of pirates from a marooned nautiloid that had crash-landed on the Neverwinter River after a battle with one of the stone warships that guarded Whitestone.[1]



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