Why I Am a Harper was a book written by Belbradyn Tralaer. It was published in 1366 DR.[1]

As of 1372 DR, a copy could be found in the Leaves of Learning in Highmoon and the original rested on the shelves of Candlekeep.[1][2]

Why I Am a Harper referred to one of the Seven Sisters, Storm Silverhand.[3]

I see a woman leaping like a flame in battle, bathed in the blood of foes, her sword singing a deadly song. I see her crisply negotiating peace while she bathes, unashamed. I see her grief-stricken, and imparting counsel to bewildered young inheritors who must now shape their lives alone - words that they'll remember and cling to for years to come. I see her going to her knees to play with a neglected child in the dust, whilst captains-of-war stand waiting, and keep silent. And in all their eyes I see the same look of awe and love. I never thought humans could so love a storm.[3]

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