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The Wild Hills was a barren plot of land that stretched between the Lizard Marsh and the hamlet of Gillian's Hill.[1]

Hmmm... Hanging skeletons in the breeze. I think someone may be trying to make a point here...
— Purfbin Doogrick about the Tree of Blood.[1]


The region was known for its dead trees and a deep craggy river. It rushed through the Hills and joined Delimbiyr River, close to the mouth of the river, merging into the Sea of Swords. The Wild Hills had several shallow caves and an old toll house that sat atop the natural bridge that connected the two sides of the deep ravine through which a river flowed.[1]

The Wild Hills were eight hours of a trek by foot away from the city of Daggerford.[1]

Flora & Fauna[]

This patch of land was mostly inhabited by carrion crows and vicious worgs. Sporadic barren trees wild grasses covered the craggy earth.[1]


In 1372 DR, a group of dark Malarite druids made a lair in the Wild Hills. They actively sought to destroy the Stone Circle of Govan of the Brush of Barbs. The dark druids built a spine underneath the Tree of Blood, with the entrance hidden from casual eyes. The hidden Malarite lair was a humble circular room with several pieces of furniture and three deep, dark, foul-smelling oubliettes. The dark druids could be easily recognized by their pitch-black robes splattered with the blood from their sacrifices' blood. The Malarite worshipers were also allied with the local words who happily served the Lord of the Hunt.[1]

During the same period of time, a group of gnolls under the leadership of a shaman Rattlefang were warring with the group of ogres, led by Guruk Bonesnap, who took over the old toll house. At some point shortly before 1372 DR, Guruk crushed the skull of the ogres' previous leader - Lolgok Skullcrush. Both ogres and gnolls wanted to hold the bridge to collect tolls from travelers, and both factions sought the aid of the Hero of Daggerford. It was unknown which of the two groups eventually emerged victorious.[1]

Notable Locations[]

At some point, long before 1372 DR, a large stone structure was located at the eastern side of the crag, but by the late 14th century DR, nothing was left of the building apart from low crumbled walls. Rattlefang's gnolls considered the tumbling structure ti be their "stronghold".[1]

  • The Old Toll House: a small stone house on the natural bridge across the ravine. The tollhouse expanded past the small visible structure into the rock it was built upon. The circular stair took visitors to the large sub-level where the tollhouse's vault was located as well as another gated exit that led to a tight pathway on the side of the cliff.[1]
  • Tree of Blood: a large and old deciduous tree on a hill, decorated with hanged dangling corpses and skeletons of those who perished in the Wild Hills.[1]



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