Wild halflings were halflings native to the jungles of Far Payit in Maztica.[1]


Wild halflings tended to be lean, and had black hair and dark eyes. They spoke their own language, and occasional some Payit as well.[1][2]


The wild halflings lived in small tribes in the jungles of Far Payit, separate from the native humans. They had a primitive, hunter-gatherer society, and each tribe is ruled by a chief, who made decisions alone. They also practiced polygamy, with males being free to have as many wives as they could comfortably support. A male could challenge another male for a female.[1]

Each village was completely self-sufficient, and the halflings had no use for trade. Their tendency to kill humans they found in their territory meant that they rarely had visitors.[1]


Wild halflings made a unique, paralyzing poison called kurari which they used on their arrows for hunting and fighting. In addition, they would use knives to dispatch prey and to defend themselves.[1]


The wild halflings worshiped the Maztican pantheon, honoring Zaltec and Nula the most. They also had a number of superstitions, mostly concerning the intermixing of adult males and married females, and each tribe would revere a talisman. This talisman influenced how they sacrificed people, something they did with any human caught in their territory. For instance, a tribe with a jaguar lord as their talisman would keep the creature in a pit in the village, and sacrifices would be deposited in the pit during an appropriate ceremony.[1]



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