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The wilderness domain was the deity domain associated with wastelands, hills, mountains, forests, and grassland.[1]



Corellon the Protector was interested in places untouched by civilization, including forests among the Feywild, which had been shaped by him. Both Mielikki and Sheela Peryroyl claimed the wilderness domain, and they believed that mortals could benefit from the vast resources of nature. Silvanus naturally had a great interest in the wilderness domain. The Forest Father had the ability to spawn life in rich forests, which were watched other by his vigilant druids. He was known to be more assertive in the conservation of natural areas than other deities.[2]


Any divine caster that worshiped such a deity would become more skilled in their knowledge of nature. As such, they were very proficient at leading their parties through harsh terrain. Worshipers of wilderness domain deities were able to manipulate their environment, such as causing vines to entangle nearby foes.[1]




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