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The province of wind in the Zakharan view of magic was a group of spells related to the element of air,[1] felt most clearly in the free-roaming winds in the Land of Fate.[2]

The four elemental provinces played a very similar role for Zakharan magic-users as the eight (or nine) schools of magic did for Faerûnian ones.[2][3][4]


Zakharan sages speculated that many of the spells from the province of wind were invented by the Geomancers of ancient Kadar.[5]


Elemental mages in Zakhara specialized exclusively in one province, like wind, while sorcerers took spells from two provinces, shunning the other two.[2] Unlike elementalists,[6] magic-users from the Land of Fate recognized no opposition between wind and sand.[2]

Paths of power[]

Zakharan practicioners of path magic recognized four paths of power within the province of wind:[7][note 1]

  • Wind Mage's Road, containing a variety of spells manipulating winds, air, sound and visibility[7]
  • Windwielder's Path, using air to distract and attack[7]
  • The Skyrider's Path, mainly allowing easy travel and flight[7]
  • The Djinni's Greater Path, comprising spells to protect one against the elements and affect elemental air creatures[7]


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  1. Paths to power are an alternative system of rules for the spell progression and learning of spells by wizards for 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons. They could therefore be considered non-canon.



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