Wind walkers, or maswat-rih, were rare creatures from the Elemental Plane of Air where they served the djinn. They could be found in Zakhara high in the mountains or in caves located deep underground.[1]

A distinct whistling or roaring sound preceded the approach of a group of wind walkers.[1]


These creatures appeared like a mass of constantly writhing serpents. They were barely visible unless viewed while within a sandstorm.[1]


Wind walkers could use telepathy to hear any thought within 100 yards (91 m). A group of wind walkers working together could use this ability up to 300 yards (274 m).[1]

The primary attack of a wind walker was a blast of forceful air. Any gas based attack used against them could be dispersed quickly, causing minimal damage.[1]

All sounds of battle with a wind walker were muffled by the sound of roaring wind. Thus, orders from superior officers were nearly useless when facing wind walkers.[1]

As partially ethereal creatures, wind walkers could only be attacked by other ethereal creatures such as djinn, invisible stalkers, or ghosts. Magical weapons were needed to physically strike a wind walker.[1]

Wind walkers were immune to all forms of magical attack with the exception of any weather-related spell.[1]


The djinn kept these creatures as cloud sculptors. They were also used to herd rain clouds.[1]

In Zakhara, Al-Badia were careful not to offend the wind walkers because of their ability to bring, or prevent, rain clouds from coming to an area.[1]

Sometimes wind walkers were forced to serve storm giants, cloud giants, and other powerful creatures found in the mountains.[1]

They maintained good relations with the yak folk found on the planes.[2] Wind walkers could also be found in Uroboros, the realm of the couatl deity Jazirian.[3]


Wind walkers survived on water vapor and tiny specks of dust or other airborne particles.[1]

They enjoyed potent aromas, and this could be used to lure them into traps.[1]



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