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Duke Windheir was the most prominent member of the avorals and one of the Companions of the Celestial Lion Talisid of Elysium.[1][4] According to the World Tree cosmology, Windheir resided with Talisid and the other guardinal paragons, in the House of Nature.[2]


Windheir was the wisest and most powerful of all avorals.[5]


The duke shared all powers common to avorals,[5] including the abilitiy to shoot forth lightning bolts.[3][5]


Winheir had a daughter, named Morningwind, who served as the guardinal ambassador of the town of Release-From-Care on Amoria to the gate-town of Ecstasy in the Outlands.[6]


By the mid- to late-14th century DR, Duke Windheir had retired and been replaced by Lady Zvestra[7] and later by Dutchess Sathia.[8]


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