Wings was a wizard spell that gave the caster a pair of wings.[1][2]


This spell caused either the caster, or another recipient within eyesight of the caster, to sprout a pair of wings from their shoulders. The wings could take the shape or form of any creature the caster desired to a maximum wingspan of three times the recipient's height. The wings lasted for three minutes and could not be banished earlier by the caster. The wings simply faded away when the spell expired.[1][2]

The recipient of this spell could not automatically fly naturally unless they possessed the natural dexterity to do so, otherwise their movement through the air would be erratic and clumsy, assuming they didn't plummet from the air.[1][2]

These wings could be used in any way a flying creature might use their wings. Actions included flight, gliding, braking, shielding, and even attacking.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required either a feather or the fragment of an insect wing to cast.[1][2]



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