The Wink and Kiss, or the Wink and the Kiss, was a tavern and festhall in Yartar that fell under the protection of the Hand of Yartar. It attracted those individuals who were supportive of and often benefited from the criminal organization.[2][3][4]


It was located just east of the Fishyard, Yartar's open-air marketplace.[5]


The Wink and Kiss was a maze–like collection of compact rooms, concealed side-passages, and sequestered passageways.[2][4]


The festhall was a bawdy and fun establishment that didn't take itself too seriously. It was a great place for those who wanted to find easy-going friends for the evening.[1][2]

Due to its distinguished patrons however, the Wink and Kiss was declared a safe haven for anyone who entered. Weapons were checked at the door and rowdy behavior was not tolerated.[2][3][4]


As of the mid–14th century DR, it was run by two brothers, Asklar and Beldorm.[4]

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