The Winking Eyes of Rhauron were numerous magically enchanted gemstones which, when touched bare-handed, would melt into the handler's hand and compel the person to attempt to assassinate a target.[1]


All the gems were approximately the size of a large man's thumb and could be sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, or rubies.[1]


When held bare-handed, a spell on the gem activated, causing a visible flash. If not immediately dropped or flung blindly, the gem appeared to melt into the body of the handler.[1]

The spell on the gem caused a vision showing the face of a given quarry, giving increasing detail concerning the target's location every few days. Upon meeting the quarry, the spell attempted to seize full control and force an assassination attempt (or retreat if it was unlikely to be successful).[1]


The name of the stones was apparently a bard's attempt to get even with an innkeeper known as Rhauron who had cheated him out of money. The true name of the enchanter was unknown. In reality, the gems were enchanted by a person in Laerakond who sought to assassinate persons who had fled to Faerûn.

While the enchanter of the gem was only known by an alias, known targets included Harengar Madroon of Athkatla (son of the proprietor of Madroon's Curio Shop), a wealthy gem merchant Haelor Hammantle of Waterdeep, and Alys Sakurth (a wine and scent trader who rose to prominence in Selgaunt). These targets escaped initial slaying attempts and all had obscure pasts.[1]


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