Winn Kardzen was a half-elf necromancer member of the Cult of the Dragon in Aglarond in 1372 DR.[1]


Winn led a small cell of the Cult of the dragon in the small village of Glarondar. He was courting the fang dragon Nartheling, who was living on the Umbergoth Peak, to become a dracolich.[1]


In 1372 DR, Winn was on the verge of sealing the deal with Nartheling. Meanwhile, his agents located one of the horns of the fallen dracolich Shargrailar and Winn tried to obtain it in order to use it as Nartheling's phylactery. Winn hired the merchant Tulin Farweather to transport the horn to his village. However, the caravan carrying the horn was attacked in the Yuirwood by Mourel Duskwalker, emerging from the portal to the Night Realm, and the undead star elf took the horn.[1]



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