If he were to succeed there is no doubt I would be among the dead, but my name would live on in his wake. There are things beyond death if you die in the right fashion, and how could there not be a place in history for the architect that shaped the actions of the ascending Lord of Murder? You would not understand; you were born to affect the Realms. The rest of us must carve our own place by whatever means necessary.
  — Winski Perorate

Winski Perorate was the mentor of Sarevok.[1]


He taught Sarevok "in the darkest of rituals" and helped orchestrate his intended rise to power as the new Lord of Murder. He was not even certain himself of Sarevok's interpretation of the prophecy of the Bhaalspawn, that causing enough slaughter would cause him to ascend, and he was convinced even success would mean his own death. Nevertheless, he wanted to help him ascend in order to be remembered for his role in history.[1]


When Gorion's Ward foiled Sarevok's plans by exposing him in front of the surviving Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate, Winski teleported in and took Sarevok away by magic, hoping to save his life in spite of the suddenly low odds of Sarevok ever ascending. The two fled to a maze under the base of the local thieves' guild, but at the entrance of the Undercity Sarevok cut Winski down in retaliation for saving him rather than helping him to fight the Grand Dukes, their guards, and Gorion's Ward head on. Sarevok continued with his remaining faithful followers to prepare for his last stand in the temple of Bhaal in the Undercity, while Winski was left for dead, though alive enough that when Gorion's Ward later caught up, Perorate was able to explain much of what had happened.[1]




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