Wintershield was an annual holiday in Waterdeep that marked the start of the new year. It was celebrated on Hammer 1 as a day off work when people stayed at home reminiscing the previous year and discussing their expectations for the upcoming year.[1]


Wintershield was widely recognized in the city as a day off work. It was typical during the festivities for celebrants to drink warmed ciders and broths that were commonly infused with medicinal herbs, some of which had the intention of bringing about visions.[1]

People shared stories of events that transpired during the past year, highlighting interesting or personally important events, and then discussed their plans for the coming year, including tasks that needed to be done and things to be on the lookout for.[1]

Discussions often took a political tone, when people commented about shifting rulers and conflicts. Traditionally, these discussions involved the consultation of maps. This was such a widespread practice that it was considered lucky to carry and to consult a map on Wintershield. For that reason, map sales enjoyed a steep spike during the tenday preceding the holiday.[1]




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