The Wintershield Watchmen was a police force that served as the city watch of Neverwinter in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1][2]


The Wintershield Watchmen were charged with maintaining peace and order within the city, directed to try to truly understand the citizens they were protecting.[2]


Dagult Neverember allowed the creation of the Neverwinter Guard to serve as the city watch. However, their harsh methods and the fact that they were made up mostly of Mintarn mercenaries made the people fear and hate them.[3][2]

Around 1489 DR, many members of the Sons of Alagondar, Neverember's staunch opposition, began to volunteer themselves to serve in the city guard, making Neverember depend less on the services of the Mintarn mercenaries. This led to the creation of the Wintershield Watchmen, made up mostly of local Neverwintians.[3][2]



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