The Winterwood was a forest north of the Lake of Steam in interior Faerûn.[2][1]


It was a vast lush woodland filled with pines and oaks, but the thick foliage from these tall trees stopped sunlight passing through the canopy, making it the darkest forest in the region. A cool, light, white mist was commonly seen floating along the ground. The white mist was so dense it looked like newly fallen snow, especially on the edges of the forest when the morning light struck the it. This was the source of its name: the Winterwood.[2][1]


The White Hand tribe comprised some 250 orcs. They formed the village of Shen, which sat about four miles (6.4 kilometers) from the river at the center of the Winterwood.[2][1]

The Winterwood's secluded nature enabled a tribe of mold men to make a home in the northern reaches of the forest. However, the territory they claimed included all the lands south to the Wintercloak River.[2][1]

The woods were also home to green elves.[1]

An old male green dragon by the name of Foilsunder with druid powers was said to lair about 20 miles (32 kilometers) to the south of the Wintercloak river.[2][1]


The mold men's territorial claims put them in conflict with the local orcs. The green elves also fought them for land. This in turn made the forest a hazardous locale for visitors. The lands south of the Wintercloak river were much more hospitable, however.[2][1]


The Ankhwood was once part of the Winterwood.[3]




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