Wizard slayers were barbarians and fighters who specialized in defeating spellcasters, particularly wizards.[1][2]


Wizard slayers from the barbarian tradition were typically born into tribes where magic was reserved for a select few elders. A newborn child would be selected for wizard slayer training based on what the elders determined to be divine omens, for example and odd birthmark or unusual hair color. Upon being chosen, the child was taken from their mother and raised by the elders. The child had its forehead tattooed with three concentric circles, and was bathed in magical oils and forced to inhale sacred incense. Over time, these treatments imbued the child with the ability to detect evil and resist magic. Once their training was completed, the wizard slayer was sent out into the world to kill evil wizards and priests.[1]

Barbarian wizard slayers were obsessed with destroying evil magic-wielders, cultivating few interests beyond this goal. Although always good-natured,[1] these wizard slayers were taciturn, gruff, and preferred to work alone. They would only work with friendly, good-aligned spellcasters out of absolute necessity.[3]

Wizard slayers not associated with barbarians were usually trained by sects to seek out and destroy magic-users. Unbound by tradition, these wizard slayers could be downright evil in their intent, or harbor more neutral outlooks.[2]


Barbarian wizard slayers radiated a small aura of protection from evil from their person. They could know alignment simply by touching a person or object. They were trained to both detect illusion and detect magic, sensing the presence of magic as a mental throbbing. They typically used shortbows, often paired with spirit arrows, and were skilled in the art of hunting.[3]

If affected by a spell from a friendly magic-user, barbarian wizard slayers would lose all their powers for a time, or until absolved by an atonement spell.[3] In combat, they felt compelled to attack evil spellcasters, to the exclusion (fortunate or not) of all other enemies.[4] They could wield no magical equipment or weapons whatsoever, yet despite this were able to attack creatures immune to non-magical weapons.[3]

Non-barbarian wizard slayers had an innate resistance to magic, and could force their enemies to miscast magic with each hit they landed. They could not wield magical equipment aside from armor and weapons.[2]


The magical Star-Strewn Boots were even more potent when worn by a wizard slayer, as was the longsword Spell Breaker.[5]


When the cities of Baldur's Gate, Daggerdale, and Waterdeep raised forces to end the Shining Crusade of Caelar Argent in 1368 DR, a contingent of wizard slayers was part of the coalition forces.[5]

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