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The Wizards Guild of Ravens Bluff was a mage guild in the 14th and 15th centuries DR.[3][4]


The Wizards Guild was organized by each of the eight schools of magic, and governed by the "Wizards Council", which comprised eleven of Ravens Bluff's most accomplished wizards, and two advisors, one each from the temples of Azuth and Mystra.[3]


  • Fifth Nights: Twice a tenday (every fifth night) the High House hosted an informal gathering, giving members the chance to privately gossip about civic acts, social events, and street incidents. Anything of interest to spellcasters was considered fair game at these gatherings.[5]
  • Revels Arcane: A monthly, formal gathering of members, associates, Ravenian nobles, officials, members of the Merchant Council, guildmasters, and anyone else invited by the guild.[5]

Base of Operations[]

The High House of Magic in Ravens Bluff was the Wizards Guild guildhall.[1]


The Wizards Guild of Ravens Bluff was founded some time before Charles Oliver O'Kane became Lord Mayor in 1341 DR. Several lords of the Fire River lands depleted their private armies and began recruiting spellcasters. This escalated, continuing until Lord Carlton De Sheers gathered enough spellcasters to form an entire company of battlemages. Rival lords responded in kind, hiring their own war-wizards. Two priests, Sir Gregory Cherbourg of Mystra and Lord Anthony Norwood of the temple of Azuth, became alarmed at the potential devastation if all the war-wizards were to unleash their power at once. They secretly gathered all the lords' battlemages to a private meeting and made an impassioned plea, convincing many of the wizards to abandon the pursuit of greed while the rest were asked to go elsewhere. The remaining mages joined a mutual non-aggression pact, which eventually began to evolve into working partnerships and friendships, in the early days of the guild. It since became a social outlet for the members, a shared repository of knowledge, and a place to learn and practice magic.[3]


  • Dean of Abjuration Sebastian Silverlocke[2]
  • Dean of Alteration Martin MacGreggor[2]
  • Dean of Conjuration/Summoning Jerrod Korbandor[2]
  • Dean of Divination Micah Starfire[2]
  • Dean of the Elements Angelica Nereid[2]
  • Dean of Enchantment and Charm Lady Belinda Moonglow[2]
  • Dean of Illusion Uldiznae Rockfall[2]
  • Dean of Invocation and Evocation Lady Penelope Norwood[2]
  • Dean of Necromancy Terrance Trent[2]
  • Dean of Wizardry Lady Delshandra Sinaran[2]


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