The Wo-ha Ui-jung were ten magical chalices of Koryo in ancient times.[1][2]


Forged with arcane magic, each of the Wo-ha Ui-jung was carved to resemble a different beast. Each had a very different means of activation, needing to be filled with something, drunk from, or used as a lamp. Each had different powers, some great, some small, and some had unusual side-effects on their users.[1][2]

The ChalicesEdit


The Wo-ha Ui-jung were created by the Han people some time before the 7th century before Dalereckoning.[1][2][note 2]

The powers of the Wo-ha Ui-jung had all at one stage influenced the history of Koryo in some way. For example, the hero Niofu Sangto used the sitting dog to defeat the Kozakuran navy in the Battle of Wui Eyong and the shukenja Pitalla used the leaping fish to end the ivory plague in Mo'ki. In time, however, all became lost.[1][2]

King Wanang Sun once led an expedition to recover three of them, and another was gifted to him by the grateful folk of Saishu. Around 1357 DR, he possessed the sitting bull, sitting monkey, squatting toad, and standing deer.[1][2]


According to legend, one who collected the Wo-ha Ui-jung all together once more would become the first emperor of the whole world.[1][2]



  1. The standing deer is also called "standing monkey", but since there is already a monkey, and the chalices are all of different animals, this is presumed to be a deer after all. Encyclopedia Magica Volume IV, however, reprints this and calls it "standing monkey" twice.
  2. The date is inferred from the last known date of the coiled dragon.


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