Wolves were canine pack hunters that were excellent trackers by scent. They were shrewd hunters and worked as a team, surrounding and tripping their prey.[3] They were very common as companions for rangers and druids.[6]


Dread wolf
A very rare, magically animated undead wolf.[7]
Dire wolf
A large and more dangerous variety of the "normal" wolf.[8]
Gray wolf
The most common, "normal" wolf.[8]
Shadow wolf
A shadow beast wolf.[9]
Shade wolf
A wolf shade.[10]
Vampiric wolf
A wolf with vampire traits.[7]
Winter wolf
A worg-like wolf living in cold climates.[11]


A wolf was a common canine predator found in many parts of the world, but especially in northern climates. They were apex predators who hunted in well-organized packs using tactics honed over millions of years of evolution.[citation needed]


If you must war in the mountains and high forests, beware of wolves. I speak now of the four-legged sort, of course.
— Arglauth Melroryrr, Sage of Mulmaster, Arglauth's Guide to The North[12]

A wolf pack was a highly-structured society, commanded by an alpha male and his alpha female. Subordinate wolves were in a beta class, while the bottom of the social order was an omega wolf. Packs often hunted together. Their tactics included harrying their prey into an area where the pack could surround it and slowly weaken it with attacks that come one at a time from each wolf until the prey was dropped to the ground. At this time, the entire pack converged in for the final kill and feasting.[citation needed]


While wolves were often blamed for attacks on stray wanderers and children, they were actually quite afraid of humans. Most wolves stayed away from areas inhabited by humanoids, only attacking if they were extremely hungry or desperate.[citation needed]


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