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Wolves were canine pack hunters that were excellent trackers by scent. They were shrewd hunters and worked as a team, surrounding and tripping their prey.[3] They were very common as companions for rangers and druids.[6]


Dread wolf
A very rare, magically animated undead wolf.[7]
Dire wolf
A large and more dangerous variety of the "normal" wolf.[8]
Gray wolf
The most common, "normal" wolf.[8]
Shadow wolf
A shadow beast wolf.[9]
Shade wolf
A wolf shade.[10]
Vampiric wolf
A wolf with vampire traits.[7]
Winter wolf
A worg-like wolf living in cold climates.[11]


Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue sold wolf hides for 8 gp a piece.[12]

An Utter Eastern gray wolf.


In the Utter East, packs of gray wolves were known to hunt and prey on weaker creatures, even humans and basal golems.[13]

Notable Wolves[]


If you must war in the mountains and high forests, beware of wolves. I speak now of the four-legged sort, of course.
— Arglauth Melroryrr, Sage of Mulmaster, Arglauth's Guide to The North[14]

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