Wolmad Eaglewing, or the self-appointed Lord of the Vale, was the acting war-leader of the Sky Pony Tribe of Uthgardt barbarians living on the northern side of the Nether Mountains. He harbored a deep grudge against the dwarves, especially those from Citadel Felbarr.[1]


Wolmad was known as a reckless but charismatic leader.[1]


Sometime around 1372 DR, War-leader Wolmad usurped power from the dying chieftain and led the Sky Ponies in a campaign of banditry in Old Delzoun. He singled out the dwarves of the region, often raiding their passing caravans.[1]

After years of fighting with the orcs of the Nether and Rauvin Mountains, Wolmad developed a twisted sense of ownership of the valleys between and demanded monetary tribute for anyone passing through what he referred to as "his lands".[1]



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