Wolverines were animals related to badgers.[2] They were favored by the deities Garagos, Malar, Rillifane Rallathil, and Sheela Peryroyl[4] and were sometimes in the companionship of more advanced druids and rangers.[5]


Wolverines were both larger and stronger than badgers. They were skilled at climbing.[2]


Known for their ferocity, an injured wolverine would wildly attack its foe until it or its opponent was dead.[2]


Wolverines were largely solitary creatures.[2] They were more likely to attack small races such as dwarves, gnomes and halflings. Some were known to break into rural cabins and steal whatever food they could find.[6]


Wolverines were common in the frontiers of the Silver Marches, such as the Moonlands, Adbar Vale, and the Cold Vale.[7]


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