Won Kwang, known commonly as the Master, was a noted monk, scholar, and philosopher of Koryo.

In 925 DR, Won established a school for martial arts and other skills in the city of Pyong Do in the then kingdom of Koguryo. Won set down its daily routine and defined five rules for the basis of its teachings and the good behavior of its students:

  1. "Loyalty to lawful rulers."
  2. "Honor to parents and friends."
  3. "Bravery in battle."
  4. "Strength in heart and mind."
  5. "Mercy and justice in necessary killing."

Won also built a shrine there. By 1357 DR, the Do Jang of Won Kwang was a prestigious military academy that had trained many great generals, even King Wanang Sun.[1]



Won Kwang is based on Won Gwang, a 6th-century Korean monk who defined five very similar rules, which were adopted by the hwarang, a military order with similar practices to the Do Jang.


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