Wondrous web was an alteration spell that allowed the caster to fill a prepared item with magical powers.[1]


A mage or wizard casting wondrous web would form a physical connection between the receiving and donating item, using their body as a channel. Magic could be drained from potions, arcane scrolls, focal stones, existing magical items or items that have been magically inscribed with rune magic or a command word.[1]


The effects of this spell were a buzzing plexus of white light between the items transferring magical energy. This would continue until the end of wondrous web's duration, whereupon the light and donating magical item would fade away.[1] The power would remain in the receptacle until it was awakened.[2]

This process could be stopped by a casting of dispel magic, or a properly worded wish or limited wish.[2]


The material components for this spell were six strands spider silk and a piece of fishing net or lace.[2]



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