Nightshades, also known as wood woses, were elemental spirits of poisonous plants.[1]


Nightshades appeared as stocky, dark-brown-skinned fey dwarves, with thick beards and thatch-like hair full of plants. Their garb consisted of woven fiber kilts and vests.[1]


Nightshades were described as cold and uncaring.[1]


Nightshades were poisonous to the touch, creating a painful stinging sensation on contact. Using their bronze or copper spears and short swords covered in their sap, nightshades tried to kill their opponents by poison, as victims slain in this manner would sprout as a new nightshade when next Selûne was full. Some nightshades were druidic mages, and large groups could summon and command shambling mounds once monthly.[1]


Instead of currency and gems, nightshades valued potions and poisons, the latter of which they traded with quicklings in exchange for weaponry.[1]

Nightshades were the enemies of treants, druids, and rangers. Among their allies were the korred, needlefolk, and evil myconids.[1]


Ruling over the nightshades through terror and blackmail was high queen Ainecotte, the eldest and smartest of their kin.[1]


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