Word of recall was a conjuration or alteration spell that teleported the caster and possibly other goods or creatures back to a designated place.[2][5][6][9]


In preparing this spell the caster had to designate a sanctuary about which the caster had extensive first-hand knowledge, and a clear area no larger than 10 ft (3 m) square in which to appear. Upon uttering the word, the caster and all accoutrements were transported instantly back to the designated spot.[2][5][6][9] The newer version of this spell allowed the priest to bring one large or two medium-sized creatures and their gear along for the ride, with more experienced casters able to bring larger loads back.[2] The older version of the spell just granted the caster a weight allowance (which increased with caster level) and allowed the priest to fill that allowance with whatever he or she desired, including other beings.[5][6][9] For both versions, the extra creatures or goods were required to be in contact with the caster when the word was spoken. Exceeding the weight limit caused the spell to fizzle.[2][5][6][9]

Transportation by word of recall was completely safe over any distance, in any direction, through any obstacles, as long as the destination was on the same plane as the caster.[2][5][6][9] The newer version of this spell did not allow interplanar travel,[2] while the older version did, but the more planes that had to be crossed, the greater the chance the caster and all that accompanied him or her could be lost forever.[5][6][9]

Unwilling creatures could not be taken away by this spell and their resistance could prevent items in the creature's possession from being stolen this way.[2]


This spell only required a verbal component, the last word of which activated the spell.[1][2][5][6][9]



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