Words of fire was an uncommon wizard spell.[1][2]


This spell allowed the caster to use their fingertips to write illusory script with flames. Wizards possessing higher skill could write more letters with this spell. Any dry surface, including air, could be written upon using the spell. The flaming letters cast light up to 7 feet (2.1 meters) away. The flaming letters did not produce heat nor could they harm or damage anything.[1][2]

Magical symbols or glyphs could not be formed using this spell. The letters written with this spell could be viewed at any other place of the caster's choosing on the same plane of existence as long as they had seen the place beforehand, thus allowing someone far away to see a message from the caster as it was written.[1][2]


This spell only required verbal and somatic components to cast.[1][2]



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