Worlds of Dungeons and Dragons #1 is the first issue in the Worlds of Dungeons and Dragons series published by Devil's Due Publishing. It illustrates the first half of the story Dark Mirror by R.A. Salvatore from the Realms of Valor novel.

Featuring tales of Drizzt and Raistlin! Double-sized! Monthly! The tomes of Dungeons & Dragons hold countless stories of fascinating mystery, unbelievable danger and bravery beyond compare! Beginning here, these tales come to light! Starting here: part one of Dark Mirror a tale of morality and introspection featuring Drizzt of the Forgotten Realms! Also, part one of The Legacy -- a story of power and lineage featuring Raistlin of Dragonlance fame!

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In the winter of the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR, a band of ogres and orcs attacked the village of Pengallen and carried off captives, including Nojheim. Rico Pengallen gathered four other villagers, including Tharman, to hunt down the group and rescue the prisoners. Rico largely wanted his slave back, and to stop the raiders from returning to Pengallen.

The next day, the group was discovered by the drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden. Rico was aggressive to the drow, but they joined forces to rescue the captives. He kept pressing to destroy the raiders instead, and finally disrupted Drizzt's efforts for a stealthy rescue. At the raiders' camp, fighting broke out, and Rico led a charge against the orcs, he and his farmers slaying them while Drizzt defeated the ogres. However, Rico was angry that Nojheim had fled during the battle, and insisted on going after him, explaining that Nojheim had led a previous raid against the village and was being held for trial. Drizzt volunteered to return Nojheim alive.

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Alustriel SilverhandBruenor BattlehammerCatti-brieDrizzt Do'UrdenGuenhwyvarHaerinvureemNojheimRico PengallenTharman
DrowDuergarDwarfGoblinHumanOgreOrcShadow dragon
River Surbrin
Mithral Hall
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