Worlds of Dungeons and Dragons #2 is the second issue in the Worlds of Dungeons and Dragons series published by Devil's Due Publishing. It illustrates the second half of the story Dark Mirror by R.A. Salvatore from the Realms of Valor novel.

In 'Dark Mirror,' Drizzt Do'Urden hunts for a goblin who is much more than a monster. And in 'The Legacy,' Palin Majere journeys to the Tower of High Sorcery to claim his heritage as a wizard, but can he do so without releasing his infamous uncle, Raistlin, from his prison in the Abyss?


Drizzt Do'Urden finds and retrieves Nojheim, bringing him back as promised to Pengallen but rather than continue to Silverymoon, Drizzt elects to stay and have a meal. Talking to the locals, Drizzt discovers that Nojheim is Rico Pengallen's slave. Then he makes a mistake. Hating slavery even more than he hates goblins, he goes back and starts talking to Nojheim. After talking with the obviously abused but highly intelligent and good-hearted goblin he realizes that despite the hopelessly depraved nature of most of his own species even in comparison to goblins, it's his drow-borne mystique and seeming beauty that allowed him a foothold in the world, while that individual goblin, who was of similar principles to his own, clearly stood no such chance. Drizzt learns to feel less prejudice towards goblins and other brutish races.

He decides to try to free the goblin by appealing to Silverymoon. But when Drizzt returns, he finds Nojheim dead, executed by Rico on some pretext after he overheard Drizzt and Nojheim's conversation. Leaving, Drizzt greatly steels his resolve against slavery.


Drizzt Do'UrdenGuenhwyvarJak TimberlineNojheimRico PengallenTharmanZaknafein Do'Urden
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