Woumar's Wheloon Mill was a mill located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. Its proprietor was Leahon Woumar.[1][2]


The mill was a large and imposing stone structure by the west bank of the Wyvernflow, near the center of Wheloon. It was regularly noisy and busy.[1] [note 1]


Woumar's Wheloon Mill was once operated by Woumar's father, before being taken over by Leahon Woumar himself prior to 1358 DR.

Leahon made several improvements to his father's mill, such as including separate runs for simultaneous milling and pulping of different products.

It was still in operation by 1369 DR.[1]


Woumar's Wheloon Mill was a grist mill that ground grain into flour, such as barley, corn, and wheat. It could also pulp vegetable greens, bones, and other scraps into a fertilizer for fields. It served farmers all around Wheloon.

The mill had an upper room that offered a good view of the Wyvernflow river. Some people liked to spend time there, sitting and gaming until late at night. Some of the local Purple Dragons suspected they kept a lookout for smugglers approaching by boat under cover of night.[1]



  1. The mill's location by the river would imply that it is a water-powered mill.