Wound bind was an alteration/necromancy spell that sealed any and all open wounds from which an individual was suffering and cleansed them so they were much less likely to become diseased. While it did not exactly heal, it did prevent further blood loss and helped prevent an injury from worsening.[1]


When this spell was cast upon an individual who had any open lacerations, tears, punctures, or other gaping wounds, bleeding was stopped and these injuries were magically closed and purified. When they were treated in this manner, these individuals were protected from contracting any normal, naturally occurring diseases and were less susceptible to magical or supernatural diseases, such as mummy rot and lycanthropy.[1]

When cast upon a slash caused by a sword of wounding, the effects of this spell lasted for a matter of moments unless they were immediately bandaged.[1]


This spell was invented by Stavros of the Skulls at the order of the Lord's Court of Waterdeep. The Cyricist necromancer was ordered to create and develop four beneficial spells of the necromantic school or be forced to return to the bowels of Undermountain, a place from which he had just returned three months prior. He complied, and worked alongside the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors to complete this task; the specifications of the spell wound bind were among the results of the unlikely meeting of minds.[1]


When this spell was cast, the mage placed one hand touching the open wound. If such an injury was not visibly present this spell had no effect.[1]



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