The Wraith of the Inner Sea, or simply the Wraith, were a long-standing mercenary privateer fleet operating on the Sea of Fallen Stars in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2] Their flag was a black crown on a blood-red field.[1]


The Wraith had a fleet of four ships, all of them huge dromonds: the Sea Queen, which was the flagship of the fleet; the Sea Horse; the Sea Jewel, a heavy marine support vessel; and the Sea Quest, a fast attack vessel with ramming capability.[1][2]

The company had a total of 751 members, who remained together and traveled as needed.[2] Each ship had onboard 200 crewmembers, 50 marines, and seven wizards.[1][2][note 1]

They were commanded by the half-orc Kreodo, nicknamed the "Sea Queen". She herself captained the ship also named Sea Queen.[1][2] She commanded with a typical naval hierarchy, and her officers obeyed her orders to the letter. They were mostly veteran fighters and thieves.[2]


Once a member of the local thieves' guild in Mordulkin, Kreodo felt she'd rather live on the seas, so she bought a ship and hired a crew and decided to become a pirate.[1] She went on to form and take command of the Wraith of the Inner Sea privateering company, which had been long-standing by 1357 DR.[1][note 2]

They were on a contract with Turmish when they lost the Sea Jewel at the hands of the former mercenary unit called the Agency. It was scuttled and sunk with all crew lost.[2]

They were still active in the early 1360s DR, when Kreodo was still waiting for Turmish to replace the loss of the Sea Jewel.[2]


The Wraith took 250 gold pieces per week for each ship, with the patron expected to pay for or repair damages.[2]


They operated as privateers that prowled the Chessentan coast,[1] the Wizards' Reach, and the Sea of Fallen Stars. Depending on their contract and employer, they raided trade ships or attacked pirates.[2]

Kreodo was cruel and even vicious to her foes, but she was normally courteous and kind to the victims of her attacks. She ensured that people who surrendered to her would be treated well before they were returned to their homes[1][2] such as for a ransom. However, her officers were not so scrupulous, but they remained obedient to her.[2]


Once the Wraith fleet had moved into range of an enemy vessel, they raised their flags and then attacked. They preferred to surround an enemy and move close to attack. The Sea Quest would cut off any ship that attempt to escape.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

Their home port was the city of Reth.[1]



  1. While Gold & Glory gives the same numbers of crew, marines, and mages for all ships, Old Empires gives varying numbers of marines and mages, listed on the ships' pages. It may be that Gold & Glory gives an average or typical value, or else the fleet restructured between the two sources.
  2. Gold & Glory says the Wraith were "a long-standing fleet", suggesting it might predate Kreodo's leadership, but from Old Empires it may be inferred it began with Kreodo first setting up a pirate. Thus this article assumed Kreodo founded the Wraith and has been leading it for a long time.


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