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A wraith spider was a type of undead giant spider.[3]


Appearing much like the monstrous spiders that they were in life, wraith spiders differed in a few noticeable ways. A wraith spider's eight eyes were nothing more than hollowed-out sockets and a shadowy aura emanated from the undead vermin, congealing around the fangs as pure blackness.[3] They were surrounded by the stench of decay.[4]


Wraith spiders attacked and hunted in the same manner as their living counterparts. However, their venom glands were replaced with strength-sapping and life-draining negative energy.[3]

Although they could not spin webs in undeath, wraith spiders still possessed the heightened sensitivity to vibrations and tremors that most spiders had.[3]


They were formed from the husks of giant spiders and animated as an undead by malevolent spirits from the domain of Kiaransalee.[3]


Wraith spiders were known to haunt the swamps of the Lizard Marsh on the Sword Coast.[4]


A translucent wraith spider.

During the Silence of Lolth in 1372 DR, cultists of the drow deity Kiaransalee transformed many of the spiders living in settlements such as Maerimydra and Szith Morcane into wraith spiders as twisted mockeries of Lolth's sacred creatures.[5][6]



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