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Wrathburn was a great red dragon that lived in Netheril circa -700 DR.[1][2]


Wrathburn was said to be extremely powerful, brutal, and rapacious, even for the likes of a red dragon. Despite his power, Wrathburn had two weaknesses: his low intelligence and his high vanity.[1]


The red dragon had made his home in the Windswept Mountains, south of the residence of the One King in Tinnainen. Throughout the dragon's history, nobody dared challenge him. Because of this, he had amassed a huge horde of jewels and coins.[1]

Encounter with Sunbright[]

Around the Shadowed Age, Lady Polaris assigned her high steward, Candlemas, a mission to acquire an ancient tome. The steward planned to send the barbarian, Sunbright Steelshanks to fetch it, provided Sunbright survived his encounter with the One King in Tinnainen. However, the One King himself had heard of the ancient arcane tome, and wished it for himself. Thus, when the barbarian met with the One King, he was tasked to acquire it. Sunbright's companion, Greenwillow, had been taken captive by the king, and the king would only let her go unmolested if Sunbright was successful. Without a second thought, the barbarian set out to the south.[1]

Reaching the lair of Wrathburn, Sunbright knew he should not sneak in, for the chances of him surviving were very small. As he was about to charge, Candlemas' raven appeared and told him more information, and about the vanity of the great red dragon. Sunbright, now gaining confidence, strode into the den and confronted Wrathburn.[1]

You pick a painful but noteworthy suicide, fleshy morsel.
— Wrathburn to Sunbright[1]

It first seemed as if Wrathburn would strike the barbarian, but Sunbright began to sing its praises. Wrathburn was pleased with the praise, and Sunbright convinced him that the One King was jealous him, and wished him dead. The dragon then asked Sunbright to show him the way, but instead of just taking a pointer, he asked the barbarian to ride on his back and show him from the air. Sunbright accepted, and asked for the book in exchange, to which Wrathburn accepted.[1]

Encounter with the One King[]

Letting the barbarian down, the mighty dragon commenced combat with the One King and his lackeys, and let loose fire from his nostrils. The people of the city that had been occupied by the One King revolted, and took up weapons to hunt the army that had oppressed them. After a raging battle, Wrathburn slew the One King, that turned out to be a lich.[1]

After all the commotion, Greenwillow (and Sysquemalyn who posed as "Ruelanna") was freed, Lady Polaris had the tome she wished for, and Sunbright set out again. Despite seeing the One King fall, a group of soldiers he had met with claimed that the Netherese had made Wrathburn assassinate the One King, who now apparently went by the name of the Lich Lord. According to the zealous troops, the Lich Lord had actually slain the red dragon, though Sunbright had seen the opposite with his own eyes.[1]



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