First Grandfather Wu was one of the seven liches who created Crenshinibon, and was later consumed by it.[1]

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Wu was described to be a shadowy figure of extraordinary power. Even highly enchanted weapons, such as Cracker and Whacker, would not damage or even slightly affect the ancient lich.[2]

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Wu was the first mage on a celestial world beyond Toril. He accidentally let loose a plague of magic upon this world, killing a billion inhabitants.[1]

In the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR, Crenshinibon, Hephaestus, and Yharaskrik joined to become the Ghost King. Around this time, the liches that made up Crenshinibon wandered Toril. First Grandfather Wu attacked Jarlaxle and Athrogate, and to their dismay, he could not be damaged at all. Jarlaxle, out of other options, created an extra-dimensional pocket, which drew the lich into another dimension or plane. At this point, the fabric of the Prime Material plane was torn asunder. Extreme power was emitted from the spot, providing a grand view into the Astral Plane, causing the two companions to float, defying gravity. Gradually, the planar tear diminished, and Wu was gone.[2]

We know that he is lost to us, that he is ... gone. There is nothing more we need know.
— Yharaskrik[2]

Later that year, the news that Wu had disappeared from the Prime Material Plane reached the Ghost King. The triumvirate believed the conflict must have resulted in the death of Jarlaxle.[2]

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