Wulgreth of Ascalhorn was the Banite[1] wizard who was responsible for the destruction of two great kingdoms, and the formation of Hellgate Keep in the 9th century DR.[2][3]


Quite fittingly, Wulgreth of Ascalhorn was named for the ancient arcanist of Netheril.[6]

In the Year of the Roving Tyrant, 820 DR,[6] Wulgreth forewent the agreement his ancestors made with the elves of Eaerlann, and enlisted the aid of baatezu in order gain the upper hand against his rivals.. After sixty years of superiority, his rivals summoned the aid of tanar'ri for their own defense. In the Year of the Curse, 882 DR, the demonic horde finally manages overcome baatezu legions. They destroyed the keep of Ascalhorn,[2][3] before overwhelming both Eaerlann and the dwarven kingdom of Ammarindar.[7]

In the Year of the Giant's Oath, 883 DR, Wulgreth fled the fortress Ascalhorn with his man-at-arms Jhingleshod, which later came to be known as Hellgate Keep, and made for the ruins of Karse. While there he sought to access the lingering power of the dead arcanist Karsus in order to raise an undead army to wipe out the demons which he was responsible. While in the middle of casting his spell, Wulgreth was finally put to an end by Jhingleshod. The arcane energies burst forth, transforming Wulgreth into a lich and creating the Dire Wood forest.[4][3][7]

To punish Jingleshod, Wulgreth hunted him down and turned him into an undead knight.[citation needed]

While the lich Wulgreth of Netheril was destroyed in the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR,[8] Wulgreth of Ascalhorn still resided in Faerûn. His phylactery was the artifact known as the Karsestone, which was last known to be in the hands of the goddess of darkness, Shar.[9]

Jhingleshod wished for an end to his existence, but could not receive it until Wulgreth was himself destroyed.[citation needed]





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