Wulgreth of Netheril was a rebellious Netherese Arcanist who was transformed into a lich.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In the Year of Sleeping Dragons, −408 DR, Wulgreth was inadvertently slain by the famous arcanist Karsus during his experimentation with heavy magic. Karsus then proceeds to transform Wulgreth into a lich.[2][3][5] He was later defeated by Sunbright Steelshanks and Knucklebones while they were his prisoners after escaping a mock battle between Karsus and Ioulaum.[citation needed]

As an act of petty revenge on Karsus, he began to sew dissension throughout the Cult of Karse in the city of Karse.[6] Eventually, a decade of divisions tore the city apart, leading to its destruction in the Year of Foul Awakenings, −286 DR. After it was abandoned, the lich Wulgreth made his home in the newly-formed temple ruins to ensure the city would never be rebuilt.[4][1][7]

At some point, Wulgreth transformed from being a lich, into a demilich.[1]

On Nightal 30, in the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, the Evereskan tomb guardian Galaeron Nihmedu, and his "allies" Melegaunt Tanthul and Vala Thorsdotter, traveled to Karse Butte in search of the Karsestone. There they managed to permanently destroy Wulgreth of Netheril, once and for all.[8][1]

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