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The Wychlaran, meaning "wise old women" in the ancient language of Halardrim,[1] also known as the Witches of Rashemen outside their lands, were the spiritual leaders of Rashemen, communing with the spirits and guiding the souls of the Rashemi people.[2]


The Witches of Rashemen were formed in −160 DR to preserve the lore and magic of Raumathar at the beginning of their final conflict with Narfell.[citation needed]


The formal term for a member of this group was "hathran" ("learned sister"), while the most powerful and respected were called "othlor" ("true one"). In Rashemen, a member of the Wychlaran could do no wrong. Her word was law and to disobey it was punishable by death.[2]


The Witches of Rashemen were based in Urlingwood, an area forbidden to any non-Wychlaran. Any trespassers found in the wood were killed on sight. The witches met here to brew jhuild, as well as to bind and control hostile spirits and spy on Thayan forces.[2]


While most Witches of Rashemen sought to protect the land and ensure peace, some merely desired power. These were known as the Durthan. These cruel women focused on the spirits of destruction and vengeance that resided in the land. They dreamed of attacking Thay and Narfell and making Thesk pay tribute to use the Gold Road. Also unlike Wychlaran, they included many non-humans among their ranks, such as hags.[3]



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