Wyllow was a mad elf in Undermountain in 1375 DR.[2]


Wyllow took care of the forest of Wyllowwood.[2] She usually was kind but distant with visitors unless they menace her forest.[1]


Wyllow met and fell in love with Launsar Hendrake, an apprentice of Halaster Blackcloak, during one of his missions outside Waterdeep. Hendrake wed her and took his wife to Undermountain. There, with Halaster's permission and help, they created the garden of Wyllowwood.

However, Wyllow discovered the evil nature of Hendrake and at last she killed him. Afterward, she became totally crazy but in time regained a little of her sanity.[2]

By the early 1490s DR Wyllow was totally sane but remained inside Undermoutain out of guilty for killing her lover.[1]


Wyllow had a displacer beast companion called Crissann named after an human mercenary she had befriended many years ago until Halaster turned the man against Wyllow that killed the mercenary. Wyllow had mixed feeling for Halaster: she was grateful of his building Wyllowwood, but also blamed him for the death of his lover. Plus Wyllow had pity for the Mad Mage who appeared trapped in a prison constructed by himself.[1]


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