Wyn Ashgrove was an elven bard and spellsinger.[3][4]


Wyn was graceful, with golden skin, short curly black hair, and green eyes.[5] He had a serious mien and was about five and a half feet tall.[2]


Wyn had been apprenticed to Kerigan the Bold, a skald from the Moonshaes.[3]

In 1364 DR at the Spring Faire in Silverymoon, Wyn noticed that old songs passed on through the ages had inexplicably changed, yet not even the singers seemed to notice. He reported his findings to Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun in Waterdeep, who sent him to travel with Danilo Thann and the dwarf Morgalla to determine the cause. They determined that Iriador Wintermist was using the Morninglark harp to place a curse upon the Harpers and the people of Waterdeep. Wyn traveled with the group to the High Forest and back and aided in the retrieval of the Morninglark.[6]

Wyn was last seen traveling with Morgalla to her people in the Earthfast Mountains.[7]


Wyn carried a deep green crystal flute[5] and a silver lyre of changing, which upon command could change into any instrument of its size of smaller.[8]





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