Wynn Castle was the keep of Earl Radborne Wynn of Hartsvale.[1]


Wynn Castle was located east of the Clear Whirl River, south of where its tributary, the Wyrm River, joined it.[2] Its location permitted it to serve as a defensive point for the southern passes that led to the rest of the civilized regions of Faerûn.[1]


The castle was the second-strongest castle in Hartsvale; only Castle Hartwick was better fortified. It was circled by a moat and had two curtain walls surrounding and inner keep. This inner keep (Wynn Keep) had four towers at its corners, which rose higher than the inner curtain wall,[1] and a drawbridge.[3] The towers were named and included the red tower, the flag tower, and the queen's tower.[3]


The Titan of Twilight

Lanaxis rips a tower from Wynn Castle, from the cover of the novel The Titan of Twilight.

Throughout its history, Wynn Castle had withstood attacks from fire giants.[1]

After the battle with fire giants in the Gorge of the Silver Wyrm in 1369 DR, Queen Brianna, her newborn child, Avner, Tavis Burdun, and Basil retreated to this castle. The castle quickly fell under siege from an alliance of giant-kin, including firbolgs, verbeegs, and even fomorians.[1]

During the siege, the Twilight Spirit himself appeared, arriving in the form of a roc of shadow at night.[1] The ancient titan pulverized three of the towers of the keep and ripped the queen's tower from its very foundations with the queen, her son, and Avner inside. Unable to stop Lanaxis himself, Tavis opened the castle gates to allow the giant-kin army to attack, knowing that they would go after the titan, since their goal was to capture Brianna's child.[3] Lanaxis kicked through the northern wall and took the queen with him as his prisoner. Because the giant-kin alliance was after the queen's child, they withdrew from their battle with the Hartsvalers and instead pursued the Twilight Spirit.[4]




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