Wynter was a centaur and an agent of the Harpers.[3]

Watching her closely, Wynter saw her chest rise and fail shallowly. Tears fell from his angular face, and his hands trembled. Wynter didn’t want Brenna and Galvin to die. Aside from losing his friends, their deaths would leave him alone in a country he considered one step removed from hell.[6]


Wynter was over 7 ft. tall measured from his hooves to the top of his head. He had curly ink-black hair, cropped short on the sides with a braided hank in the back. His human half of the body was tanned, hairless, and muscular. He had a short trimmed "salt and pepper" grey and black beard. Wynter's horse body resembled that of a massive warhorse.[7]


Wynter was a kind of pacifist, fighting only if he really had no other options. He preferred to avoid confrontations by using words. This was also because he was very confident about his fighting skills. Wynter greatly disliked the Red Wizards of Thay.[3]

Galvin Brenna and Wynter in Thay

Galvin, Brenna, and Wynter traveling to Thay as depicted in Heroes' Lorebook.


Wynter was born in Thay on the Agri Plantation. His father, Blackland Ironhoof, treated his slaves very harshly, and Wynter grew disgusted by this practice and abandoned his home at the age of 12. After some outlaws robbed him, he met Galvin, who helped him to recover his goods and afterward inducted him into the Harpers. In 1362 DR, he and Galvin were joined by Brenna Graycloak to infiltrate Thay to uncover true intentions behind an amassing force. During the mission, Wynter posed as a buyer and managed to free a group of dwarf slaves. They discovered the plans of the Zulkir Maligor to dominate the economy of Thay by secretly taking over the Thayvian gold mines. Being forced into an alliance of lich Zulkir Szass Tam, they marched in charge of the lich's undead army against Maligor. During the march, Wynter was attacked by a yellow musk creeper that lured him with a sweet scent and plunged its vines into the centaur's brain rendering him feebleminded and childlike for 2 days after. Eventually, the harpers reached the mines, defeated Maligor's assistant - spirit naga Asp, made their way past the mines' guardians, and survived a horde of darkenbeasts, collapsing the mines and taking Maligor's life.[3]




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