Wyrms of the North was a column by Ed Greenwood published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in June 1996 (Dragon #230) and ended in May 1999 (Dragon #259), and later reprinted on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Despite the title of the series, the articles covered famous dragons from across western Faerûn, along the Sword Coast from Icewind Dale to Calimshan. They offered a detailed look into the lore, actions, abilities, magic and other topics on each dragon.


Year Issue Dragon Title Citation Template
1996 Dragon #230 Arauthator Wyrms of the North: Arauthator [citation template]
1996 Dragon #231 Arveiaturace The White Wyrm Arveiaturace [citation template]
1996 Dragon #232 Balagos Wyrms of the North: Balagos [citation template]
1996 Dragon #233 Claugiyliamatar Wyrms of the North: Claugiyliamatar [citation template]
1996 Dragon #234 Daurgothoth Wyrms of the North: Daurgothoth [citation template]
1996 Dragon #236 Deszeldaryndun Wyrms of the North: Deszeldaryndun [citation template]
1997 Dragon #237 Eldenser Wyrms of the North: Eldenser [citation template]
1997 Dragon #238 Felgolos Wyrms of the North: Felgolos [citation template]
1997 Dragon #239 Galadaeros Wyrms of the North: Galadaeros [citation template]
1997 Dragon #240 Gaulauntyr Wyrms of the North: Gaulauntyr [citation template]
1997 Dragon #241 Hoondarrh Wyrms of the North: Hoondarrh [citation template]
1997 Dragon #242 Iymrith Wyrms of the North: Iymrith [citation template]
1998 Dragon #243 Jalanvaloss Wyrms of the North: Jalanvaloss [citation template]
1998 Dragon #244 Klauth Wyrms of the North: Klauth [citation template]
1998 Dragon #245 Lhammaruntosz Wyrms of the North: Lhammaruntosz [citation template]
1998 Dragon #246 Malaeragoth Wyrms of the North: Malaeragoth [citation template]
1998 Dragon #247 Miirym Wyrms of the North: Miirym [citation template]
1998 Dragon #248 Mornauguth Wyrms of the North: Mornauguth [citation template]
1998 Dragon #249 Nurvureem The Dark Lady: Nurvureem [citation template]
1998 Dragon #250 Nymmurh The Worm Who Watches: Nymmurh [citation template]
1998 Dragon #251 Olothontor The Minstrel Wyrm: Olothontor [citation template]
1998 Dragon #252 Palarandusk The Unseen Protector: Palarandusk [citation template]
1998 Dragon #253 Raulothim The Silent Shadow: Raulothim [citation template]
1998 Dragon #254 Saryndalaghlothtor Lady Gemcloak: Saryndalaghlothtor [citation template]
1999 Dragon #255 Thalagyrt Old Lord Memory: Thalagyrt [citation template]
1999 Dragon #256 Tostyn Alaerthmaugh The Silver Flame: Tostyn Alaerthmaugh [citation template]
1999 Dragon #257 Valamaradace The Dragon Queen: Valamaradace [citation template]
1999 Dragon #258 Voaraghamanthar The Black Death: Voaraghamanthar [citation template]
1999 Dragon #259 Zundaerazylym The Laughing Wyrm: Zundaerazylym [citation template]



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