The Wyrmskull Throne was a throne made from the skulls of four blue dragons slain by Taark Shanat around −12,000 DR to bring the Cloaker Wars to a victorious end for his dwarves. It was believed that the throne was forged by Dumathoin's hand.

History[edit | edit source]

The throne originally resided in Brightaxe Hall (originally the Rift of Dhalnadar), in the lair of the blue dragons. When Brightaxe Hall was abandoned during the Third Spider War around −6150 DR, the dwarves took the throne with them.

In 1360 DR, a gang of pirates briefly recovered the Wyrmskull Throne in the Bay of Skulls near Hook Isle, but then lost it again[2]

The Throne resurfaced around 1370 DR in possession of the aquatic elf tyrant Gantar Kraok[3]

After an adventuring party took it away from the Gantar Kraok they sold it to storm giant queen Neri for a considerable fortune. She magically enlarged it and gave it as gift to her husband king Hekaton.[1]

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