The Wyrmskull Throne was a throne made from the skulls of four blue dragons slain by Taark Shanat around −12,000 DR to bring the Cloaker Wars to a victorious end for his dwarves. It was believed that the throne was forged by Dumathoin's hand.


The throne originally resided in Brightaxe Hall (originally the Rift of Dhalnadar), in the lair of the blue dragons. When Brightaxe Hall was abandoned during the Third Spider War around −6150 DR, the dwarves took the throne with them.

In 1360 DR, a gang of pirates briefly recovered the Wyrmskull Throne in the Bay of Skulls near Hook Isle, but then lost it again[2]

The Throne resurfaced around 1370 DR in possession of the aquatic elf tyrant Gantar Kraok[3]

After an adventuring party took it away from the Gantar Kraok they sold it to storm giant queen Neri for a considerable fortune. She magically enlarged it and gave it as gift to her husband king Hekaton.[1]


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