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Wythyndle's Round Book was one of the few holy books of the Church of Milil. It described many spells, including several ones exclusive to this book.[1]


The Round Book was shaped like a perfectly round disk, two thin slabs of unbreakable black stone encasing similarly round wire-rimmed vellum pages.[1] The external sides of the stone were decorated with interwoven lattices of a gleaming, silvery metal.[1]


The Round Book surrounded by two Sorlyn priests.

When the tome was opened, brief melodies rose from it.[1] Those tunes were seemingly chosen at random, with the notable exception that these were never hymns to any deities.[1]

The Round Book had the peculiar ability to stand upright without rolling or falling sideways despite winds, rain, or light nudges.[1] Only a firm and deliberate action could topple it or move it elsewhere.[1]

Any direct attacks on the tome left it entirely unaffected, and damage was reflected to the attacker instead. This included magical attacks, as well as attempts to remove pages from the book, deface it, or destroy it.[1]

Finally, the book had the ability to teleport itself from place to place seemingly randomly, ignoring any magical or physical barriers and restraints.[1] Some sages believed this ability to be intended spread the influence and worship of Milil.[1] Amongst Sorlyn, the book was said to travel "by the will of Milil".[1]


As a Spellbook, the Round Book contained information on the following spells:

accelerate healing, analyze balance, animate rock, battle song, blessed abundance, calm chaos, cloud of purification, create holy symbol, dispel silence, dissension's feast, divine inspiration, draw upon holy might, emotion control, emotion read, focus, forgotten melody, fortify, genius, heroes' feast, holy word, idea, know customs, memory read, mind read, music of the spheres, mystic transfer, nap, personal reading, plane shift, rapport, sacred guardian, singing stone, speak with animals, speak with dead, speak with monsters, speak with plants, stone tell, telepathy, thought broadcast, thought capture, tongues, unearthly choir, and zone of truth.[1]

In addition and most significantly, the following spells were bestowed by Milil for the first time through this book: searing song, song of healing, and elsewhere chant.[1] Any faithful of a different deity that cast those spells would be compelled by a powerful geas spell to aid the next Sorlyn priest that would require their help.[1] The most powerful members of the clergy were able to sense whenever someone was under the influence of that geas.[1]


The "Book that Sings" was bestowed by Milil to Wythyndle, a blind half-elf bard, during the 10th century DR.[1] Wythyndle was singing the deity's praises on a mountaintop of the eastern Cloven Mountains when he received the book, before being carried down to the House of Alastrin to bring news of this holy gift.[1]

Notable Owners[]

The known owners of the Round Book are listed below in chronological order.