Wyvern Tor was a crag in the hills northeast of the Sword Mountains, and was easily seen by any on the Triboar Trail near the vicinity of Conyberry.


Wyvern Tor was formerly inhabited by a vicious nest of wyverns, but they were slain by bold adventurers. By the time of approximately 1480 DR, the place was abandoned by the wyvern nest. Many creatures laid here from time to time, the most prominent of which was a group of orcs and one ogre.

The faint smell of smoke hangs on the air as you ascend a rugged ridge on the lower slopes of the hill. Fifty yards away, a cave mouth opens up at the bottom of a ravine. Hunkered down by a boulder twenty yards outside the cave, keeping watch, is a single orc.
— Lost Mine of Phandelver

In 1480 DR, the place became the lair of orc scouts of the Many Arrows tribe. The stories of Phandalin being resettled in this time renewed traffic on the Triboar Trail and attracted the orcs to the area.[1]


Wyvern Tor was originally inhabited by a nest of wyverns, but after they were driven out, many creatures used the place as their lair. By 1480 DR, a group of six orcs led by the leader of the scouting party, Brughor Axe-Biter, inhabited the crag. They also allied themselves with a nasty ogre named Gog.[1]


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