Wyvern watch was an evocation spell of the guardian sphere that created a field of temporary paralysis to guard an area against intrusion.[1][2]


This spell lasted for eight hours or until it was triggered, which ever came first. Any creature entering the area of effect had to resist the spell or be paralyzed for a few minutes (the more experienced the caster, the longer the paralysis). Wyvern watch was not removed if an intruder managed to resist the spell. It remained in place until it successfully paralyzed a victim; either another creature entering the area, or even the same creature exiting and re-entering. A victim could be freed before the expiration time by the will of the caster, a successful dispel magic, or a remove paralysis spell.[1][2]

This spell was called wyvern watch due to a hazy, vaguely wyvern-shaped mist that indicated the presence of this spell. This haze could be detected before entering the area of effect if it was illuminated. The brighter the illumination, the easier it was to see the "wyvern". Darkness made it impossible to detect.[1][2]

Wearing or carrying a hypersthene gem rendered the bearer undetectable to wyvern watch.[5]


This spell could be cast with verbal and somatic components and the priest's holy symbol.


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