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Xammux, also known as The Xammux or The Many,[1] was a minor god-like entity that embodied cold indifference and the pursuit of knowledge no matter the means or cost.[2][3]


The Xammux was a composite of at least six sperate beings.[2]


Xammux was represented by a pair of shining and very sharp steel calipers, and its shrines were likewise constructed of polished steel. The Xammux was also said to favor a "long knife", which was also used by its worshipers.[2]


Followers and clerics of Xammux were fascinated by knowledge and were entirely cold and uncaring in their pursuit of it. They were said to torture living creatures merely to see how much pain they could endure, or to dissect them merely to satisfy a simple curiosity about biology. Their temples tended to be spartan stone structures decorated only in white plaster, and these buildings were often filled with ingenious locks and traps.[2]


As of the late 15th century DR, cultists attempting to make contact with The Xammux were drawn to a flooded cave complex known as Xammux located between the High Forest and the Nether Mountains. There, they attracted the attention of the locals and inscribed "Xammux" and "The Many" on the stone door at the dungeon's entrance.[1][4] In truth, this location's name was a corruption of the ancient Netherese name "Tarchamus" and not a reference to The Xammux, although this was unknown even to the cultists.[4][5][note 1]



  1. While references to The Xammux are indirect in both the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide and Lesser Evils, author of the latter Erin M. Evans confirmed in a tweet that the cultists mentioned in the book are indeed followers of Xammux: "[Xammux] was a location indicated on a 4e map as a site frequented by cultists of Xammux. I figured the mistranslation of Tarchamus led them to use the cavern and whether they successfully contacted any elder evils is someone else’s story."


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