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Xanathar may refer to one or more of several beholders:

  • Xanathar (title): the title held by the second and subsequent leaders of the Xanathar's Thieves' Guild, derived from the personal name of its founder.
  • Xanathar (original): the original beholder named Xanathar whose identity was later claimed by another.
  • Xanathar (Kirueskai): the beholder named Kirueskai, also known as Kirukeskai, or The Eye, who claimed the identity of Xanathar in the 14th century DR.
  • Xanathar (Xandulzrithral): an elder beholder who peacefully retired from the position in order to avoid becoming a target.[1]
  • Xanathar (Izulktur): who held the title of Xanathar for a short time in the 15th century DR.[1]
  • Xanathar (Zushaxx): the Xanathar of the late 15th century DR.[1]

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