Xanathar's Thieves' Guild, or simply Xanathar Guild was run by a paranoid elder beholder.[2]


This criminal/slaver network was one of the most powerful on the Sword Coast and often acted as a buffer against other evil organisations unintentionally. They had a massive stronghold on Skullport Island, but were otherwise largely active in Waterdeep.[3]


Members of the guild were trained in stealth, discretion, and tactics with fighters, rogues, sorcerers, wizards, and experts which comprised most of its numbers. An ever-growing organization, it utilized multiple mouthpieces to protect and conceal the identity of the Xanathar. To join a member had to prove their ruthlessness, obedience, and loyalty by committing a serious crime - killing or selling a friend or family member into slavery, as well as paying 300 gp. The typical agent earned dues of 60 gp a month.[1] Support generally came in these ways:

  • Any member given an assignment would receive a bodyguard or assistant - such as a bugbear, wererat, kenku, or gazer - with secret instructions to spy on and assassinate the agent in the case failure.
  • The guild provided safe refuges - cellars in the sewers.

Among the low-ranking guild members, no-one really knew who Xanathar was. Few had an inkling he was a beholder, and fewer still had spoken to him.

Given that the faction is evil at the core, advancement through assassination is a popular "shortcut".

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